Complying With California's CARB Truck Drayage Regulation - Why It Matters!

Oakland Carb Trucking

Container trucking companies in California will want to take notice of the new changes in Drayage Truck Regulations. Starting this year, all trucks hauling containarized freight to and from the port of Oakland are required to be registered in CARB’s Drayage Truck Registry.

For now, port terminals promise to not deny uncompliant trucks at the gate. Instead, they are providing a 6-month window to require all trucking companies to register their trucks in the Drayage Truck Registry.  Starting April 3rd, all unregistered trucks will receive a warning on their interchange receipt, but they will still be allowed to enter the terminal.

However starting June 1st, unregistered trucks will be rejected if the trucks is not registered.

Ask the trucking company responsible for moving your containers if they are fully compliant with CARB laws.